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Scouts assemble weekly on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00 PM at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Dix Hills, NY where we have held our charter since 1965.  Under the supervision of fully trained leaders, our youth thrive thanks to the mentoring practices of the patrol method.  This allows older scouts to become confident leaders through peer guidance while younger scouts enhance their scouting skills, their sense of self-reliance and their appreciation for teamwork.  Our troop committee of volunteer parents meets monthly to organize camp outings and day events around the principles of scouting like camping, hiking, first aid, navigation, citizenship, and fitness in a fun and safe environment.

Troop 309
Troop 309 gives a warm welcome to all new Scouts!
All New Scouts, Welcome to Troop 309!
New Years Eve Dinner

On March 25-26 Troop 309 will be at West Hills for the Winter Feast

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Winter Feast

Saturday 25 

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